About I.S. Textile Co.

1981 ~ Present

Mr. Shafique Riaz
The owner of I.S Textile Co. made his debut in professional business of textile industry in a very significant way being the pioneer of textile belts splicing, with the company name M/S Japan Machinery more than three decades back in 1981. Textile business is the forefathers business of Mr. Shafique Riaz. 
As the slogan of New Mexico (USA) states “it grows as it goes”, I.S Textile Co. also continuously made developments to its growth with the passage of time. 
We are much privileged to announce that I.S Textile Co. is the leading importer of the textile products and spare parts in Pakistan. Our imports capacity did not only increase annually but it also shows continuity and main focus on quality concerns. This made us visible in the eyes of the world renowned brands that they put extra-ordinary level of trust on us by making I.S Textile Co. the sole and exclusive distributor of their products in Pakistan. 
This special privilege of trust was first commenced by M/S Ammeraal Beltech (Rapplon), Switzerland in 2001 when they provided the certificate of Exclusive and sole distributorship for the region of Pakistan. M/S Ammeraal Beltech (Rapplon) is the leading manufacturer of belting of all industries including textile industry. 
This journey continued with a warm welcome of the M/S Stabilus Germany the world’s market leader in the industry of Gas Springs (Shock Absorbers) in 2005. I.S Textile Co. has a prerogative to be the exclusive (only) distributor of Stabilus’ Gas Springs of all industries including textile industry for the territory of Pakistan. 
As “Quality” is the primary concern of I.S Textile Co. therefore one more world’s trustworthy brand i.e. M/S Wilhelm Herm Muller join hands with I.S Textile Co. and made it the exclusive and sole distributor of Timing Belt (Top Set Drive Belt) for C-51 Rieter Card, C-60 Rieter Card. 
This progress continues with a 26 billion Euros +, multi billionaire German Giant M/S Contitech. M/S Contitech shows their unique interest in our company by making I.S Textile Co. the “Only distributor” of Contitech Timing belts in Pakistan.

I.S Textile Co. also shows its momentous presence in the world trade shows like IGATEX every time it is being held. Today we are honored that the complete textile and spinning {sector|industry} of Pakistan are our potential clients with a clientage of approximately 500 customers. By the Grace and bounty of Al-Mighty Allah it is an immense achievement.